Company Introduction

Shenzhen Boeleo Smart Co., Ltd. adheres to the principle of constantly maintaining technological innovation and continuously improving product experience. It is committed to providing more fashionable, smarter and more interesting products to users around the world. Join hands with Dingqin Group to jointly create the wind vane of the intelligent hardware products industry.


The company now has a total of nearly 200 R&D employees and several national invention patents. Currently, we have set up R&D centers in Shenzhen and Xi'an, and offices in Hong Kong and Europe. The company has independent R&D and manufacturing industry chain of independent products, hardware, software, ID, MD R&D design, SMT manufacturing, machine assembly, and back-end servers. At the technical and ecological chain level, it has established long-term strategic partnerships with major international companies such as MTK, Micron, Google, Samsung, Hynix, Alibaba, 360, Baidu, and Keda Xunfei.

Products Introduction

The company is committed to the design, development, production and sales of AI smart terminal products (including smart speakers, intelligent robots, intelligent learning machines, smart cloud translators, smart phones, etc.). Serving global smart product enthusiasts and providing one-stop solutions for smart hardware products to many brand companies and friends.

▪ Product Quality Assurance

We insist on producing high quality brand intelligent
translation machine

▪ Service commitment

Quality pre-sales consulting, fast delivery,
after-sales maintenance

▪ Global market

On the way to boeleo expanding overseas market,
we have always maintained the principle of good faith,
high quality and low price